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    Lillhagen dental clinic Gamla Lillhagsvägen 134A 42249 Hising Backa ​ 031-552270 click here Brunnsbo's dental clinic Granåsgatan 1 422 44 Hisings Backa ​ 031-552270 click here WELCOME Please select a clinic below Läs mer ⇓ "Vårt mål är bra service, hög kvalitet och god omvårdnad till ett rimligt pris. Vi har patienten och vården i centrum. Patienten bemöts på ett positivt och trevligt sätt. Klinikens atmosfär förmedlar en känsla av lugn. ​ All behandling sker så smärtfritt som möjligt. Vi trivs på vårt arbete, det råder god stämning och är nära till skratt, samtidigt som patienter och personal tas på allvar. Vi strävar efter att minska arbetsrelaterade skador, såväl förslitningsskador som olyckor och allergier. ​ All personal går fortlöpande på utbildning för att hålla hög kunskapsnivå." 2023 © Lillhagens Tandklinik AB _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 2023 © Brunnsbos Tandklinik AB

  • Behandlingar | Testlillhagen

    Our treatments Investigations Before Lillhagen's Dental Clinic begins a treatment, an examination is carried out and a cost estimate is drawn up. The examination involves looking for holes and any bad fillings that should be replaced. We also check the gums, tongue and palate. Public dental care We at Lillhagen's Dental Clinic take care of general dental care from preventive check-ups to root canals, repairs to tooth extractions. Our restorations are always free of amalgam. In short, we make sure your teeth are in good condition. Service Name Describe one of your services Service Name Describe one of your services Teeth whitening All people have a different base color of their teeth. Properly performed teeth whitening can result in whiter teeth and a beautiful smile. At Lillhagen's Dental Clinic, we now offer two different methods of teeth whitening. One method is gradual home bleaching, where you whiten your teeth at home with custom-made braces while you sleep for a few nights. The second method is a clinic whitening where we whiten your teeth while you are sitting in a dentist's chair. With this method, your teeth will be whitened immediately. The main ingredient in both treatments is hydrogen peroxide, which penetrates the tooth and oxidizes the substances that caused the discolouration. Implant If you have lost one or more teeth, you may need to get new, artificial teeth. You may need one or more implants to attach the artificial teeth to. If you have lost several or all teeth, the implant can also be used to attach other types of dental replacements. An implant is a kind of artificial root in the form of a titanium screw with several parts, which the dentist screws into the jawbone during an operation. Implants are today the best technology for creating new, artificial teeth. So far, it is unfortunately also the most expensive. Replacing teeth with implants is quite a long process, but once they are in place, they function like real teeth. Titanium's unique property of growing together with the jawbone makes the implant method possible. Service Name Describe one of your services TO THE TOP 2023 © Lillhagens tandklinik AB

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    2023 © Lillhagens tandklinik AB

  • Lillhagens tandklinik start | Testlillhagen

    Let us take care of your teeth Contact us on 031-552270 Your dentist in Gothenburg At Lillhagens Tandklinik in Gothenburg, you will find general dentists, specialists and dental hygienists ready to take care of your needs when it comes to oral hygiene. Aesthetic dentistry, teeth whitening, prosthetics, implants and general dentistry are our main areas. Read more about us here Address Gamla Lillhagsvägen 134A 42249 Hising Backa Contact 031-552270 Opening hours Mon-Fri 8:00 - 17:00 Saturday CLOSED Sunday CLOSED TO THE TOP Follow us on social media! 2023 © Lillhagens tandklinik AB

  • Boka Tid | Lillhagens Tandklinik | Västra Götalands Län

    Kommer snart! Ni kan fortfarande boka via 031-552270 Kontakta mig Ingen tid för att ringa? Inga problem! Vi ringer dig. Förnamn Efternamn E-post Telefon Adress Skicka Tack för inlämningen! Vi ringer dig så fort vi har fått informationen. 2023 © Lillhagens tandklinik AB

  • Akut Tandvård | Lillhagens Tandklinik | Västra Götalands Län

    EMERGENCY DENTALCARE If you experience urgent problems, have a broken tooth or lost filling, you can contact us to get an emergency appointment the same day or during the week. You can get an appointment quickly for emergency dental care, even on evenings and weekends. Don't wait until later, as aches and pains often increase if you postpone the dental visit. We have emergency times set aside every day and do everything to be able to help all patients who seek emergency care. We welcome you in our spacious premises where you can relax to calm music. You are then looked after by our knowledgeable and experienced dentists and dental nurses in our modern chairs. Download EMERGENCY DENTALCARE Many people put off visiting the dentist, which often leads to increased discomfort and more extensive problems. We therefore recommend regular examinations. ​ ACUTE TOOTH ACHE Toothache is usually due to an inflammation in the nerve of the tooth (pulp), or in the bone around the root of the tooth. Inflammation/infection is sometimes caused by untreated cavities in the teeth. From the pulp, the infection can spread to the tooth bone and cause abscess formation. Toothache can also be caused by so-called periodontitis, an inflammation/infection in the attachment of the tooth to the bone. ​ ILLUSIONS Rushes can have several causes, i.a. exposed tooth necks (e.g. due to toothbrush damage), untreated caries, tooth clenching or tooth cracks. Regular dental visits are recommended to prevent toothaches. ​ STATE OF WISDOM Problems with wisdom teeth can be caused by many different problems. Often, only acute inflammation around the wisdom teeth is treated, which is characterized by a swollen cheek, difficulty gaping and sometimes fever. This inflammation in the lower jaw can spread down the throat and give rise to deeper infections. LOOSE FILLING OR LOOSE CROWN A dislodged crown usually does not need to be re-cemented urgently if it is so situated that the lack of the crown is not too aesthetically disturbing. If you brush and keep it clean, the tooth will last a few weeks without problems. However, do not wait too long as the tooth tends to move in the mouth if the forces that normally affect the tooth change. If the crown sits on a cemented pillar or pin, this should be remedied immediately as the hole in the root is next to impossible to keep clean from ​ LOOSE BRIDGE A loosened bridge that cannot be removed from the mouth must also be addressed urgently as saliva and bacteria can freely attack the supporting teeth where the bridge normally sits. This results in caries forming quickly. TO THE TOP 2023 © Lillhagens tandklinik AB

  • Priser | Testlillhagen

    Price list After an investigation or if more extensive therapy is needed, we always present an estimate of the cost. The price is individual because the patient receives financial support from the insurance fund. Each year, the patient receives a financial contribution consisting of general dental care compensation (ATB) and high-cost cover. ATB is paid on July 1 each year and can be saved for two years. The high-cost cover helps patients who need extensive dental care that is reimbursed by the insurance fund. 101 Basic examination, performed by a dentist (SEK 935.00) p101 SEK 935.00 103 Supplementary or urgent examination, performed by a dentist (SEK 405.00 / SEK 535.00) p103 SEK 500.00 107 Comprehensive examination, performed by a dentist (SEK 1,155.00 / SEK 1,790.00) p107 SEK 1,670.00 108 Investigation including examination, performed by a dentist (SEK 1,885.00 / SEK 2,875.00) p108 SEK 2,665.00 111 Basic examination, performed by a dental hygienist (SEK 730.00) p111 SEK 0.00 112 Basic examination with complete periodontal examination, performed by a dental hygienist (SEK 955.00) p112 SEK 0.00 113 Emergency or other examination, performed by a dental hygienist (SEK 400.00) p113 SEK 0.00 114 Complete periodontal examination or in-depth caries investigation, performed by a dental hygienist (SEK 585.00) p114 SEK 0.00 115 Specialist dental care consultation (SEK 1,060.00) p115 SEK 980.00 116 Specialist dental care consultation, comprehensive (SEK 2,065.00)p116 SEK 1,900.00 121 X-ray examination, one picture, or several pictures of a tooth position (60.00 SEK / 105.00 SEK) p121 100.00 SEK 123 X-ray examination, full status (SEK 885.00 / SEK 1,385.00) p123 SEK 1,300.00 124 Panoramic X-ray examination (SEK 575.00 / SEK 940.00) p124 SEK 875.00 125 X-ray examination, extraoral (SEK 560.00 / SEK 1,090.00) p125 SEK 1,015.00 126 X-ray examination, comprehensive (SEK 1,080.00 / SEK 1,840.00) p126 SEK 1,720.00 127 X-ray examination, partial status (SEK 210.00 / SEK 375.00) p127 SEK 355.00 128 X-ray examination, major partial status (SEK 365.00 / SEK 570.00) p128 SEK 535.00 131 Tomography examination, one quadrant or tooth position 3– 3 (SEK 1,080.00 / SEK 1,395.00) p131 SEK 1,310.00 132 Tomography examination, two quadrants or sinus (SEK 1,390.00 / SEK 1,895.00) p132 SEK 1,770.00 133 Tomography examination, three quadrants or jaw joints (SEK 1,705.00 / SEK 2,600.00) p133 SEK 2,415.00 134 Tomography examination, four quadrants (2,020.00 SEK / 3,065.00 SEK) p134 2,845.00 k 141 Analogue study models for treatment planning (SEK 640.00) p141 SEK 800.00 142 Digital study models for treatment planning (SEK 460.00) p142 SEK 600.00 161 Saliva secretion measurement (SEK 695.00) p161 SEK 800.00 162 Laboratory costs for microbiological examination (SEK 415.00) p162 SEK 400.00 163 Biopsy (SEK 1,145.00 / SEK 1,425.00) p163 SEK 1,340.00 164 Laboratory costs for patho-anatomical diagnostics (PAD) (SEK 700.00) p164 SEK 675.00 201 Information or instruction in case of risk of oral health-related diseases or problems (SEK 475.00) p201 SEK 500.00 204 Prophylaxis splint, per splint (885.00 SEK) p204 900.00 SEK 205 Fluoride treatment, shorter treatment time (SEK 195.00) p205 SEK 250.00 206 Fluoride treatment (SEK 390.00) p206 SEK 400.00 207 Mechanical removal of supragingival calculus (310.00 SEK) p207 310.00 SEK 208 Mechanical removal of supragingival calculus, comprehensive (590.00 SEK) p208 800.00 SEK 209 Mechanical removal of supragingival tartar, particularly time-consuming (SEK 915.00) p209 SEK 990.00 213 Qualified advisory call for disease or pain prevention, 60 minutes or more (SEK 1,200.00) p213 SEK 0.00 214 Qualified advisory call for disease or pain prevention (SEK 555.00) p214 SEK 0.00 301 Illness or pain treatment, less extensive (SEK 445.00 / SEK 570.00) p301 SEK 700.00 302 Illness or pain treatment (SEK 830.00 / SEK 1,085.00) p302 SEK 1,015.00 303 Illness or pain treatment, comprehensive (SEK 1,230.00 / SEK 1,615.00) p303 SEK 1,550.00 304 Illness or pain treatment, particularly time-consuming (SEK 1,840.00 / SEK 2,410.00) p304 SEK 2,255.00 311 Information or instruction for oral health-related diseases or problems (SEK 475.00) p311 SEK 470.00 312 Follow-up information or instructions for oral health-related diseases or problems (SEK 190.00) p312 SEK 190.00 313 Qualified consultation call in case of illness or pain, 60 minutes or more (SEK 1,200.00 / SEK 2,485.00) p313 SEK 2,295.00 314 Qualified consultation in case of illness or pain (SEK 555.00 / SEK 1,145.00) p314 SEK 1,060.00 321 Non-operative treatment of caries disease (SEK 480.00) p321 SEK 480.00 322 Stepwise excavation (SEK 1,225.00) p322 SEK 1,500.00 341 Treatment of periodontal disease or peri-implantitis, less extensive (SEK 590.00 / SEK 810.00) p341 SEK 755.00 342 Treatment of periodontal disease or peri-implantitis, comprehensive (SEK 1,150.00 / SEK 2,070.00) p342 SEK 1,300.00 343 Treatment of periodontal disease or peri-implantitis, particularly time-consuming (SEK 1,735.00 / SEK 4,595.00) p343 SEK 4,290.00 362 Lust gas sedation, per time (SEK 900.00) p362 SEK 865.00 401 Tooth extraction, one tooth (SEK 1,160.00 / SEK 1,520.00) p401 SEK 1,350.00 402 Tooth extraction, when separation or exposure is required, one tooth (SEK 1,655.00 / SEK 2,160.00) p402 SEK 1,900.00 403 Tooth extraction, simple (SEK 460.00 / SEK 600.00) p403 SEK 700.00 404 Surgical removal of one or more teeth or other tissue in the same quadrant (SEK 3,415.00 / SEK 4,370.00) p404 SEK 4,100.00 405 Comprehensive dentoalveolar surgery (SEK 4,555.00 / SEK 5,830.00) p405 SEK 5,470.00 406 Tooth extraction, redundant tooth (SEK 1,160.00 / SEK 1,520.00) p406 SEK 1,420.00 407 Other surgery or plastic surgery (SEK 2,250.00 / SEK 2,820.00) p407 SEK 2,650.00 408 Pre-prosthetic exposure with flap, extensive (SEK 4,550.00 / SEK 5,890.00) p408 SEK 5,520.00 409 Surgical removal of a tooth in another quadrant in connection with periodontal surgical measures, additional measure (SEK 1,670.00 / SEK 2,180.00) p409 SEK 2,040.00 410 Tooth extraction, additional when several tooth extractions are performed on the same day or in connection with flap surgery, additional measure (SEK 905.00 / SEK 1,225.00) p410 SEK 1,100.00 420 Implant, per piece, additional measure (SEK 3,060.00) p420 SEK 4,100.00 Titanium, implant 421 Surgery regarding jawbone-anchored implants, one implant (SEK 3,430.00 / SEK 4,325.00) p421 SEK 10,000.00 422 Surgical exposure of an implant in two-step technique (SEK 1,645.00 / SEK 2,025.00) p422 SEK 2,600.00 423 Surgery regarding jawbone-anchored implants, two or three implants (SEK 4,995.00 / SEK 6,310.00) p423 SEK 11,000.00 424 Surgical exposure of two or three implants in two-stage technique (SEK 1,845.00 / SEK 2,290.00) p424 SEK 3,500.00 425 Surgery regarding jawbone-anchored implants, four or more implants (6,910.00 SEK / 8,510.00 SEK) p425 13,800.00 SEK426 Surgical exposure of four or more implants in two-stage technique (SEK 2,465.00 / SEK 3,105.00) p426 SEK 3,800.00 427 Bone augmentation with autologous bone in one quadrant (SEK 4,350.00 / SEK 5,505.00) p427 SEK 5,170.00 428 Bone augmentation with bone replacement material in one quadrant (SEK 5,250.00 / SEK 6,275.00) p428 SEK 5,925.00 Synthetic bone replacement material 429 Surgical removal of implants (4,290.00 SEK / 5,435.00 SEK) p429 5,105.00 SEK 430 Bone augmentation with autologous bone in one quadrant in connection with bone augmentation in another quadrant or implant surgery in the same quadrant, per quadrant, additional measure (SEK 1,655.00 / SEK 2,165.00) p430 SEK 4,500.00 431 Bone augmentation with bone replacement material in connection with bone augmentation or implant surgery in another quadrant, per quadrant, additional measure (SEK 2,760.00 / SEK 3,270.00) p431 SEK 3,290.00 Synthetic bone replacement material 432 Bone augmentation with bone replacement material in connection with implant installation, per quadrant, additional measure (SEK 2,055.00 / SEK 2,440.00) p432 SEK 2,805.00 Synthetic bone replacement material 433 Sinus lift without autologous bone or bone replacement material in connection with implant installation, per quadrant, additional procedure (SEK 1,135.00 / SEK 1,520.00) p433 SEK 2,000.00 436 Removal of an implant (SEK 800.00 / SEK 1,040.00) p436 SEK 1,100.00 446 Reconstructive treatment with membrane (GTR) or enamel matrix protein, additional measure (SEK 1,975.00 / SEK 2,165.00) p446 SEK 2,060.00 Regenerative material 447 Reconstructive treatment with bone replacement material, additional measure (SEK 1,335.00 / SEK 1,460.00) p447 SEK 1,390.00 Regenerative material 448 Free connective tissue graft for laparoscopic surgery, additional measure (SEK 815.00 / SEK 1,070.00) p448 SEK 1,500.00 451 Periodontal surgery in a quadrant or within tooth position 3– 3 (SEK 3,555.00 / SEK 4,825.00) p451 SEK 4,525.00 452 Periodontal surgery in several quadrants or extensive periodontal surgery in one quadrant or within tooth position 3–3 (SEK 4,915.00 / SEK 6,630.00) p452 SEK 6,210.00 453 Surgical treatment of peri-implantitis and, where applicable, teeth with periodontitis in a quadrant or within tooth position 3–3 (SEK 3,745.00 / SEK 5,075.00) p453 SEK 4,760.00 454 Surgical treatment of peri-implantitis and, where applicable, teeth with periodontitis in several quadrants or extensive surgical treatment in one quadrant or within tooth position 3–3 (SEK 4,915.00 / SEK 6,630.00) p454 SEK 6,210.00 480 Healthcare contact to ensure coagulation, additional measure (SEK 355.00) p480 SEK 340.00 501 Cleaning and root filling, a root canal (SEK 3,710.00 / SEK 4,655.00) p501 SEK 3,800.00 Gutta-percha and sealer 502 Cleaning and root filling, two root canals (SEK 4,475.00 / SEK 5,635.00) p502 SEK 4,500.00 Gutta-percha and sealer 503 Cleaning and root filling, three root canals (SEK 5,615.00 / SEK 7,095.00) p503 SEK 5,700.00 Gutta-percha and sealer 504 Cleaning and root filling, four or more root canals (SEK 6,120.00 / SEK 7,725.00) p504 SEK 6,200.00 Gutta-percha and sealer 520 Acute endodontic treatment, other practitioner (SEK 990.00 / SEK 1,270.00) p520 SEK 1,190.00 521 Acute trepanation and cavus extirpation (SEK 875.00 / SEK 1,130.00) p521 SEK 1,055.00 522 Complicated channel localization (SEK 880.00 / SEK 1,135.00) p522 SEK 1,060.00 523 Pin removal (1,280.00 SEK / 1,665.00 SEK) p523 1,555.00 SEK 541 Apical surgical treatment (SEK 4,000.00 / SEK 5,150.00) p541 SEK 4,820.00 542 Apical surgical treatment, additional tooth at the same time of surgery, additional measure (SEK 1,125.00 / SEK 1,445.00) p542 SEK 1,350.00 601 Bite splint in hard acrylate in the upper jaw, made based on bite physiology indication, per splint (SEK 3,825.00 / SEK 5,305.00) p601 SEK 5,000.00 602 Bite splint in hard acrylate in the lower jaw, made based on bite physiology indication, per splint (SEK 3,825.00 / SEK 5,305.00) p602 SEK 5,000.00 603 Replacement rail, per rail (6,085.00 SEK / 7,420.00 SEK) p603 6,990.00 SEK 604 Soft plastic splint, laboratory-made, based on bite physiology indication, per splint (SEK 2,295.00 / SEK 2,805.00) p604 SEK 2,640.00 606 Motor activation (SEK 585.00 / SEK 715.00) p606 SEK 665.00 607 Bite grinding for occlusal stabilization (SEK 820.00 / SEK 1,075.00) p607 SEK 1,005.00 701 Filling a surface on a front tooth or canine tooth (SEK 665.00) p701 SEK 1,000.00 Komposi TO THE TOP 2023 © Lillhagens tandklinik AB

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    About us ​ A warm welcome to us at Lillhagen's Dental Clinic, a modern clinic with generous opening hours. ​ We strive to offer quality dental care in a comfortable and friendly environment. For us, it is important that you feel safe and cared for when you visit us. We work to ensure that you receive personal and committed treatment from professional staff. Of course, we work with the latest technology and well-proven methods to provide you as a patient with the highest quality care. With us, the whole family is welcome regardless of functional or aesthetic dentistry. We not only offer general dentistry but also emergency dentistry, surgical dentistry, aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry. We are connected to Försäkringskassan. We offer a two-year guarantee on all forms of prosthetic treatment that includes dental technical work. Mirlinda Zeneli Trained dentist & dental technician Yara Ibrahim Trained dentist Lif Zeneli Utbildad tandskörterska , ekonomi & personalansvarig Selvije Zeneli Receptionist TO THE TOP 2023 © Lillhagens tandklinik AB

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