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  • If you experience urgent problems, have a broken tooth or lost filling, you can contact us to get an emergency appointment the same day or during the week.

  • You can get an appointment quickly for emergency dental care, even on evenings and weekends. Don't wait until later, as aches and pains often increase if you postpone the dental visit.

  • We have emergency times set aside every day and do everything to be able to help all patients who seek emergency care. We welcome you in our spacious premises where you can relax to calm music.

  • You are then looked after by our knowledgeable and experienced dentists and dental nurses in our modern chairs.


Many people put off visiting the dentist, which often leads to increased discomfort and more extensive problems. We therefore recommend regular examinations.


Toothache is usually due to an inflammation in the nerve of the tooth (pulp), or in the bone around the root of the tooth. Inflammation/infection is sometimes caused by untreated cavities in the teeth. From the pulp, the infection can spread to the tooth bone and cause abscess formation. Toothache can also be caused by so-called periodontitis, an inflammation/infection in the attachment of the tooth to the bone.


Rushes can have several causes, i.a. exposed tooth necks (e.g. due to toothbrush damage),   untreated caries, tooth clenching or tooth cracks. Regular dental visits are recommended to prevent toothaches.


Problems with wisdom teeth can be caused by many different problems. Often, only acute inflammation around the wisdom teeth is treated, which is characterized by a swollen cheek, difficulty gaping and sometimes fever. This inflammation in the lower jaw can spread down the throat and give rise to deeper infections.



A dislodged crown usually does not need to be re-cemented urgently if it is so situated that the lack of the crown is not too aesthetically disturbing.  If you brush and keep it clean, the tooth will last a few weeks without problems. However, do not wait too long as the tooth tends to move in the mouth if the forces that normally affect the tooth change. If the crown sits on a cemented pillar or pin, this should be remedied immediately as the hole in the root is next to impossible to keep clean from


A loosened bridge that cannot be removed from the mouth   must also be addressed urgently as saliva and bacteria can freely attack the supporting teeth where the bridge normally sits. This results in caries forming quickly.


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